on completing the requirements for high school graduation.
What’s next?


Apply for Admission
Start by completing an NETC application. Applications are available in Student Services at MCHS or NETC Bennettsville campus (843-479-4284).


Complete a Senior Record Form
This will state that your final transcript should be sent to NETC.


College Placement Test
Schedule an appointment with Ms. Woods at the NETC Bennettsville campus to take the College Placement Test. If you have SAT/ACT scores, you may submit the results for review. NETC admission counselors will verify if you exempt the college placement test.


Complete the Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) Application

Visit to complete an application by the NETC’s priority deadline of June 15, 2015. If you have any questions regarding FAFSA, please contact Ms. Marshall, the Director of Financial Aid, at 843-921-6991. You may also receive online assistance at the Marian Wright Edelman Public Library with the FAFSA process (843-479-5630).

If you have any questions, email

Sheryll Marshall

Gloria Dudley

Ronald King

If you are a resident of Marlboro County and a member of the 2015 graduating class of Marlboro County or Marlboro Academy, you could be eligible for free tuition at Northeastern Technical College.

student education

Marlboro County Residents should know 2 Things:


Higher education is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In today’s world, being highly-educated is essential for economic success and a high quality of life.


Being educated is possible for you, your family, and your community.

What is EDGE?

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education has provided funds this summer towards a pilot education project. It is aimed at making college and technical job training a priority in Marlboro County.

This education initiative is named EDGE (Education Drives a Generation to Excel). It includes specific educational outreach strategies for:

  • Advancing early childhood learning
  • 8-12 grades mentoring
  • Affordable college/transition
  • Adult education

Parents can help!

We know teenagers don’t listen to everything you may say. But, when it comes to making a big decision, they will look to you for help. Encourage and challenge them throughout their schooling. Motivate them to attend college. Their future depends on your influence! And don’t ignore college just because of the “sticker price.” There are many options available such as grants and scholarships.

College is Affordable!

To be eligible for four (4) semesters of financial assistance to attend Northeastern Technical College, each statement below must be true.

    I am a Marlboro County resident graduating in 2013 from Marlboro County High School or Marlboro Academy.
    I have applied and I am accepted to attend NETC.
    I have applied and completed all financial aid forms. I have supplied all required financial information to NETC to qualify for a financial aid award.

After receipt of NETC admission and a financial aid award, you would be eligible for other assistance required for you to attend. This could include any of the following:

  • Final dollars of tuition and fees
  • Application-admission fees
  • Books

College Graduate + Job
= Big Money

Yes, that is correct! Making the decision to go to college can almost double the cash you earn over your lifetime. That means a better lifestyle, security, and the ability to buy the things you want. The time and effort is worth the investment.


High School Graduate earns $1.2 Million - Lifetime Average


College Graduate earns $2.1 Million - Lifetime Average

Average Annual Income Comparison

average annual income comparison